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Posted on Mar 25, 2015 by in Digital Painting, Personal Projects, Video Games | 0 comments


I give you the most gangly Dovahkiin to ever walk the frigid realms of Skyrim.

I can’t tell you how laborious this was–no doubt due to high likelihood that I did everything the hard way–but I’m very satisfied with the final results. I tried to put into practice several different composition and coloring methods, which helped to push this beyond the undeveloped concept sketches into a fairly nifty final piece. See if you can spot them all…just don’t expect any prize. I ain’t no Pat Sajack.

I hope you enjoy! As always, I appreciate your feedback, questions, llamas, deviant watches, Twitter follows, Facebook likes, large checks, bags of Funyuns, and whatever else you may feel compelled to share.

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